Mandarin 國語

Most of these small groups meet on Fridays at 7:30 pm. However, please contact a leader to confirm.

成長小組大多在星期五晚上 7:30 聚會。請聯繫小組長確認聚會時間。

Name Location Leader(s) Demographic
西北堂一組 West Carmel 宮志龍 Zhilong Gong, 李軍 Jun Li Parents with children age from 6 to college
西北堂二組 CCCI Carmel Room 301 曾嘉 Jia Zeng, 秦恩光傳道 Pastor Calvin Qin Parents with children age from toddlers to youth
西北堂三組 West Carmel 單國民 Guomin Shan, 趙群 Amy Zheng Parents with highschool/college children
西北堂四組 West Carmel/Zionsville 湯亞傑 Jay Tang, 廖畢榮 Birong Liao Middle Age with empty nests

English 英文

Name Location Leader(s) Time Demographic
Family Zionsville David & Tere Lee Saturdays @ 7:00 pm All ages