Unstoppable - Acts 1

May 22, 2022

Main idea: The Kingdom of God is unstoppable.

  1. The Kingdom of God.

  2. Jesus is the ...
    • reigning King (Luke 11)

    • reconciling King (Acts 20:21)

    • returning King (Acts 1:9-11).

  3. Significance
    • God has a plan.

    • Tell the plan.

    • Live the plan.


Tell a story about a time you had a plan, and it failed.

Tell a story about a time you had a plan, and it succeeded.

Digging Deeper

  • Read Luke 11:14-26.

    • What is Jesus doing?
    • Of what is Jesus accused?
    • How does Jesus respond?
    • What does this reveal about Jesus?
  • Does Jesus as the Reigning King encourage, scare, or challenge you? (Or does it evoke another emotion?) Why?

  • How often do you honestly think about Jesus as the Reigning King?

  • According the following, what are some of the different results biblical repentance lead to?

    • Matthew 3:8
    • Luke 3:3
    • Luke 15:4-7
    • Acts 3:19-20
    • Acts 11:18
    • 1 John 1:9
  • Restate the following quote in your own words.

“If our response after we sin is, “God, I promise I will do better!” then our hope is in ourselves. This is a fast track to despair (Rom. 7:18–24). But if our response after we sin is, “God, I need you. Give me a fresh measure of Christ and all his benefits!” then our hope is in our perfectly faithful God, and that puts us on the path to joy, peace, and growth in holiness (Rom. 7:24–8:6).” [source]

  • Based on the above quote, discuss the following questions:

    • Why is this concept so important?
    • Does such turning characterize your repentance?
  • How often do you ponder the return of Jesus? What is lost if Christians do not ponder Jesus' return?

Next Steps

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident are you that God has a plan?

  • If you are a parent or guardian, how do you convey the plan or story of God to your children?

  • As we conclude this session of growth group, how has it gone for you? Share a memory from this session (last few months for some of you or last year for others of you). For what are you thankful? What can be improved?

  • Take some time to pray as a group giving thanks and petitioning God in response.

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 3rd – Youth service project at church – We are looking to borrow the following: 12-15 trowels, 3 push brooms, gardening gloves, 1 weed pump applicator. If able, pease drop off on Fridays in the youth room.

Friday, July 1st through Monday, July 4th – MCCA Summer Conference at Taylor University.