1. When was the last time you thought about anger?
  2. What generally makes you angry?
  3. How did you respond to the premise, "You have a serious problem with anger."?
    • ✅ YES! ... but I feel guilty and discouraged.
    • 😇 Yes ... but I'm not an angry person.
    • 😉 Maybe ... but others are worse.
    • 😛 No way ... I'm always chill.
  4. Agree or disagree?: "Anger expresses, "I'm against that.""
  5. Read James 4:1-3, 11-12.
    • How would you summarize this text? What are some of the key themes?
    • What is the root of sinful anger?
    • Why is it important to start with the root of sinful anger rather than just deal with the symptoms?
  6. Imagine Daddy Chan, Mommy Chan, Chris Chan, Puppy Chan, and you go the beach for one last summer vacation. While relaxing on the beach reading How to Study for the SAT While Playing Valorant and drinking a venti matcha green tea Frappuccino made with soy milk, chips, and peppermint, Daddy and Chris begin arguing (again) in Chinglish about who is the all-time best NBA player. Meanwhile, Mommy is trying to train Puppy to fetch a ball – which causes Puppy to bark loudly.

    You can feel your blood begin to boil, your pulse rise, and your muscles tighten. You think to yourself, "Why can't I get just a little peace and quiet around here?!" You try to calm yourself down, but you go all Hulk on your family as you verbally berate them for their clear and obvious insensitivty!

Now answer the following questions as you seek to make sense of your angry outburst on the beach:

  1. What are my desires?
    • Why are you angry?

    • What do you want?

    • What do you believe you need and can't live without?

    • What do you most fear?

    • What do you love?

    • What is the centerpiece of your hopes and dreams?

  2. What are the consequences of responding poorly?
  3. What is true?
  4. How do I turn to God for help?
    • God, you are ___.
    • I'm facing ___.
    • You promise ___.
    • I've done wrong by ___.
    • Please forgive me for ___.
    • I love you because ___.
    • Please help me to ___.
    • Thank you for ___.
    • I rejoice that you ___.

      Consider writing out a prayer in response.

  5. What are the consequences of responding well?